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With precision eyebrow threading, Safa can define and sculpt your image. Her expert facial hair removal techniques provide clean, groomed natural looking results to compliment your best features, Safa understands how important details are, and is here to help you achieve your ideal brow look.


microblading summerlin las vegas
Microblading is a form of tattooing that creates the illusion of thicker brows. The procedure is semi-permanent. Instead of using a machine like traditional tattooing, pigment is manually inserted only into the upper layers of the skin using a device made up of very fine needles in the shape of a blade.
Microblading Pricing
(includes 6-8 week touch up)


Cover Up | Previously done brows


Touch up | Yearly


Safa provides the following Microblading solutions:

Semi-Permanent, natural hair strokes
Natural hair strokes and shading. For those that want definition towards the end of the brow and realistic hair-strokes at the beginning
Semi-Permanent, soft shading from light to dark

Permanent Makeup

My Eyeliner and Lip Liner services are ideal if you want something that’s smudge proof and saves time in the mornings.  It’s a great alternative to getting makeup on your glasses, if you’re visually impaired, have limited skills or are allergic to regular makeup.  The procedure is safe and provides a long-lasting, waterproof color that looks fresh no matter what you’re doing.

Upper & Lower Eyeliner


Upper Eyeliner


Lower Eyeliner


Touch up


Outline Lip – Single Visit |Touch up


Outline Lip with 6-8 week Touch up


Full Lip/lip Blushing – Single Visit | Touch up


Full Lip/lip blushing with 6-8 week Touch up


Outline Touch up
Full Lip Touch up
PMU/Tattoo Removal starting at $175+

Makeup Services

Makeup artist

Feel confident and beautiful for your next occasion. Safa’s makeup service is the perfect choice to get ready for that special event or just a special night out. Look your very best without spending the entire day getting ready.

from $50

Brow Tinting 

Explore your perfect brow shape with Safa’s semi-permanent eyebrow tinting. This temporary service allows Safa to enhance the shape of your brows by darkening the fine hairs and create a longer brow line or a fuller front for a more ideal shape.

from $20


Celebrate that special occasion with all natural henna. Henna is a natural chemical that’s safe, temporary and is used to make beautiful, body decorations known as Mehndi. Contact Safa today to experience her custom henna body art designs.

from $10


What they say

Janet D.

Safa is the best eyebrow threader in town! She takes her time and my eyebrows have honestly never looked this good. Go see Safa I promise you won't regret it.

Ivette S.

Safa did an amazing job with threading my eyebrows, it was comfortable, painless, quick and affordable. Safa is very kind and makes sure she goes above and beyond to leave your brows looking perfect while making sure you are comfortable.

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